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Piano moving is no small task. The sheer weight and size of pianos and organs make them difficult to handle for most people. In the hands of someone not trained in piano moving, an attempt to move a piano or organ can cause damage to the instrument and your home or building.
Piano moving is a delicate operation, and we take our job seriously. We understand the value of both your piano and your time. And it shows each and every time we assist with piano moving.
As piano movers since 1985, we have learned all the strategies to successfully completing your move to your total satisfaction.
Our piano movers are trained in the proper dismantling techniques of various types of pianos and organs. Whether you have vertical, grand or baby grand pianos you can trust the care of these prized possessions to our skilled and professional moving team.
Moving a piano yourself may not be the best idea. The size and shape of these instruments must be taken into account when moving between narrow hallways or other tight spaces. Piano repair costs can be almost as much as the price of the instrument itself depending on the extent of the damage. Keys may stick, strings can break, and parts may be dented, so choose carefully before hiring movers who do not specialize in piano moving.
Many pianos have sentimental value. They may have been passed down through generations, given as a gift or purchased at a turning point in your life. Either way, don’t take chances with these precious items. The benefits of using experienced piano movers who skillfully handle these instruments far outweigh the risk of moving a piano yourself, or trusting inexperienced movers that can cost you a fortune in the long run.
If you need to move your piano more than 50 miles, additional fees may apply.